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this site is for yugioh role players and the purpose is in the name, a place for people to roleplay like the anime. this is done with oc's, just follow the rules

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    lucy (pendulum, D/D/D)

    shades of black

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    lucy (pendulum, D/D/D)

    Post by shades of black on Sun Jun 28, 2015 7:21 pm

    name- lucy

    age- 16

    personality- kind and always fair, believes in helping people who she thinks needs it. but gets cold when she gets suspicious and/or knows something is wrong

    bio- grew up an only child, learning duel monsters quickly, mastered pendulum, xyz, synchro and fusion. she likes to be fair as that is what she was taught, never give someone what they don't deserve, good or bad. she is a quick study and not a fool. she is a near perfect memory and incredible patience.

    deck- D/D/D (includes d/d)

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