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    archetype rules

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    archetype rules

    Post by shades of black on Mon Apr 06, 2015 4:08 pm

    i am aware that there are some issues with archetypes, so i will try to clear things up as i become aware

    Numbers and Rank-up-magic/Rank-down-magic

    -numbers cannot be declared as a sole archetype, as anyone can use numbers, same for Rank-up-magic
    - anyone with a number can use it's chaos or shining xyz equivalent, and no one can claim the equivalent of a number (no one person can have number 73 and another has C73, etc)
    -anyone can have a Rank-up-magic, not specific to one person, with the exception of Rank-down-magic numeron fall, who ever has number 39 gets the card
    -number duels require both consent,
    -post numbers with character's deck info
    -in event of character deletion, the numbers will go to the last character the deleted one duels

    -only one sub of hero's (destiny, evil, or elemental)
    -elemental gets the neo-spacians
    -Evil hero's get any Elemental hero except for neos

    Four dimension dragons (Odd-eyes, dark rebellion, clear wing, and imperial claw dragons)
    - these are all attached to the performapal archetype,
    -a tuner not belonging to a specific archetype is allowed for clear wing,
    -Odd-eyes fusion forms included
    -Odd-eyes dragon and Odd-eyes saber dragon also included

    - anyone can use zefra's of their archetype
    - provided you have zefra you can use any zefra support card

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